Don't Make Your HCG Diet Harder Than it Needs to Be

Hi! I’m Liann, creator of the Switch 12-week Kick-start Meal Plans, and I want to admit something…
… going on the Hcg protocol can be REALLY HARD at first.

You can’t eat your typical foods or snacks. And eating out is really tough because of all the gluten, grains, processed sugar and additives you are cutting out in order to turn your health, weight, and life around.

I’ve been in the situation, so I know how annoying it is.


But finally – once I had a good plan in place – everything got so much easier. Once I knew which simple and delicious recipes to cook, I was able to stick to my diet AND over time I lost 15 kilograms and my body started to heal.

That why I created the Switch 12-week Kickstart Meal Plan. Because I wanted to make eating a healthy and nourishing Hcg diet easy for you. I want you to spend time enjoying your life instead of worrying about what you can eat.

– Liann Kennett