HCG Diet Phase 1

What is HCG Diet Phase 1

Popularly known as the Loading Phase, this step is the foundation of HCG diet protocol which involves, a crucial 2-day diet period which begins with eating too many calorie dense foods. In these two days, you will consume as many calories as you can.

During this small phase, the aim is to ascertain enough food consumption or eating activity to generate enough fat in body and max out your fat stores. These calories work the other way around.  At the beginning of each day of the HCG diet phase 1, you will begin taking your HCG drops as directed and keep eating all day long.

It is important to keep your appetite satisfied and full.  Although this sounds going opposite, it is extremely favourable to ensure fat loss through the entire HCG diet protocol.

Why HCG Diet Phase 1?

The reason the Loading phase takes importance is that the accumulation of fat or overload of calories in the body will signal the hypothalamus gland to trigger the release of hormones that are essential to stimulate weight loss process.  Beginning with abundant glycogen stores allows the brain to calculate high and intense levels of hormones necessary to maximize the melting of fat deposits. These hormones help to burn fat deposits in areas difficult to lose. An increase in metabolic rate is also the plus point during this phase. As a result of this massive fat loss, you will be getting maximum benefits regarding weight loss results. The release of hormones helps to ensure that the weight loss continues throughout the whole HCG diet program.  Failure to ‘load’ properly will result in hunger in the first few days of Phase 2 of the protocol.

Facts About HCG Diet Phase 1

Fact 1: You need to keep your appetite satisfied.

Fact 2: Eating calorie Building food will help in weight loss.

Fact 3: Your body triggers necessary hormones for weight loss.

What foods can you load up on?

Many find the first few days of the HCG diet enjoyable. You can eat almost anything you want — bacon, mayonnaise, bread, eggs and pastries are all allowed.

A typical loading day would include:

Breakfast: A bacon, sausage and ham omelette with a bagel and cream cheese.

Midmorning snack: Donuts and strawberries, with a little whip cream if you’re so inclined.

Lunch: Chicken or pork with a baked potato and sour cream.

Afternoon snack: a milkshake from your favorite fast food restaurant

Dinner: Alfredo pasta with bread, Caesar salad with avocado and cheesecake for dessert.

Late night snack: Ice-cream, potato chips, chocolate and sweets

It’s important to eat between 3,000 and 5,000 calories on each loading day. You should gain between 1 to 2 kilograms over these few days.

HCG Diet Phase 1 - FAQs

The first day of the loading phase is the start of HCG diet protocol. Begin taking your drops as directed in the morning of the first day of the loading phase. This allows the HCG to enter your system at the time of the loading phase has been completed, and before the low-calorie diet phase begins

There is no limit on max calorie intake. You just need to fill up enough fat so that your brain can release enough hormones to burn the excessive fat. The more calories you consume the more weight loss you will experience in the first week of Phase 2. Failure to load properly will result in hunger in the first few days of Phase 2 along with smaller weight losses.

You many gain weight in the starting phase, but it is good to trigger excessive weight loss at the end.

During the loading phase, you need to take ten drops three times a day.

Immediately start from the first day of the loading phase. Don’t miss out on moments. Take your pictures and compare from time to time during your weight loss journey to keep you motivated and to inspire others like-minded people who are doing the same journey as you.

The exercise has nothing to do with weight loss while on the HCG diet protocol, but it is encouraged. A 30-minute walk is sufficient during this period but totally optional.

The purpose of eating as many calories as you can is to fill glycogen stores to tell the brain that all fat storage cells are ready to be burned. Starting high allows the metabolism to keep a high intensity and an increase in the combustion rate of fat through the whole HCG diet. It is stressed to eat a lot during the loading phase despite your typical eating habits to allow an easier transition to the low-calorie diet phase and reduce the negative side effects.

If you are sick before starting the loading phase, it is always better perhaps recommended that you have to wait until you recover fully. Now, after your recovery, you can start the HCG diet.

HCG diet protocol works well for both men and women and has shown tremendous results.