HCG Diet Phase 4

A Quick Guide on HCG Diet Phase Four

Just remember what you have gained in previous phases and how you can maintain them for the whole life benefit. So, this guide will help you in knowing about what types of foods you can eat or what need to be avoided and much more. So, let’s get started with this helpful guide to enter into the 4th Phase of HCG Diet.

What to consider during the phase 4?

During this phase, flexibility is being enhanced, meaning that a lot of flexibility is given to you. You can make the choices, according to your goals, but keep the below mentioned things in mind:

  • Of course, you may have reached your objectives. All you need to do is to maintain what you have gained.
  • You might still have more pounds to lose. For this, create a proper plan to experience through another cycle.
  • You might have indulged into complete satisfaction with the weight loss being gained in previous phases. Now, you can add lean body mass and ripped muscles.

If these are your goals, then there are different eating habits and wellness programs, which you need to follow.

Foods and recipes to consider

Most people decide never to leave eating habits followed in Phase 3. With such decisions, many can move into phase 4 in a successful manner, if they follow it in the right manner. It is expected that it seems to be a trial and error decision, but giving your life a spicy and variety element.

Specifics of the HCG Diet Phase 4:

  • Create healthy eating choices
  • No hidden foods
  • No processed foods
  • Keep indulgences as an occasional item
  • Introduce sugars and starches slowly and slowly
  • Maintain the standard on the portion control
  • Steak days must be used to maintain the stability of the weight

Recipes list:

What types of recipes you can prepare, while taking care of the nutritional intake for phase 4? These are mentioned below:

  • Primal recipes
  • Grain free recipes
  • Paleo recipes
  • Paleo dessert recipes

Tips to enhance the results!

To make sure stabilization of your HCG fat loss for a long term, you can consider these tips, which will aid to avoid the necessity for a steak day or identical correction day, start with them:

  • If you are capable of maintaining healthy adjustments for a long term, then the long-term successes are managed, when it comes to losing weight. A successful phase 3 of the HCG diet resets the hypothalamus at your new reduced weight, which would avoid any weight gains because of occasional excess. It is important to try to restrict big indulgences to only once a week until the stabilization of the weight would be done.
  • Try to eat good fats
  • While consuming packaged foods, you must keep in mind to check labels. Most of the packaged items are not sugar or starch free, so, take care of it.
  • You can make alternate phase 3 and phase 4 days to maintain a balance between the sugar/starch and portion intake.

HCG Diet Phase 4 - FAQs

Fats, mango, papaya, dates, artichoke, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, hot dogs, tangerines, honeydew and pineapple are some items; you can consider for different recipes.

Certain food items, including butter, bananas, bamboo shoots, raisins, green beans, squashes, cheeses, French beans, and yogurt, must be tried in a slow manner. Avoid rush to take them immediately after P3.
Which drinks I cannot take during HCG diet phase 4?
Alcohol of any type, heavy whipping cream, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, and drinks with any kind of sugar, especially honey, kinds of drinks not advised to take.

Yes, of course, it is important to keep a constant check on the foods you eat so that you can avoid them, if not in the list of phases 4 diet plan.perly.

Yes, the water consumption is not restricted to any phase. In this phase also, it is good enough to drink a plenty of water you can, as you exercise, the discharge of water takes place through sweating. So, it is recommended to drink more water.

Anyone, including men, women can follow this diet plan. In case of females, make sure you are not pregnant or nursing. Having any disease, you must visit your doctor, before the use of the HCG diet.

This will depend largely on what your daily caloric needs are to maintain your new weight.

Yes, of course, you will gain weight if you are not taking right calories, whether they are low or high.

Stick to your diet and take high fibre fruits and vegetables.